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There are currently many different types of massages and each type is effective in its purpose to resolve/restore body systems to good health.

Day to day activities, ageing , illness, all ruin the body’s general function . Body massage will help to secure and improve its functionality against all odds. You benefit improved blood circulation, digestion, improved elimination of waste processes, lymphatic drainage and soothing of nerve endings, improved mobility and flexibility, better sleep ,a renewed mindset and become more aware of your posture.


If you want a whole head to toe treatment, Knuskin Advanced Skincare & Wellness Spa recommends the 75 or 90 minute treatment s which define the ultimate full body. You can have the full body head to toe but without the face and that’s the popular 60 minute full body massage treatment.
The back has the largest area and requires more work and attention in most cases. With that in mind ,if you want just the back, neck and shoulders, I would recommend the 30-40 minutes time slot. That time will not be enough for an effective full body massage.




The Swedish massage is the general classical massage which is based on anatomy and physiology ,which involves movements of stroking, kneading, hacking, pressing and vibration. It combines the slow and fast movements which bring immediate effective results. Using the hands ,the therapist manipulates the tissue in a series of movements for the head, neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms , hands and face. The treatments can be relaxing or stimulating ,depending on the movements used but the most sought after treatment outcome is for removal of tension nodules within the muscle fibres and total relaxation to the mind and body.
Unlike Ayuverdic /Asian origin massages, this massage has western origin and it totally concentrates on the anatomy structure and physic of the body, it is the first pre-model and master of all the other European massages such as deep tissue, sports massage that maintain the correct and optimal way protecting the body structure. Deep tissue further concentrates on slower and deeper strokes than the Swedish massage. I would recommend for people who are having restricted movements because of pain in their neck, shoulders, arms , lower back , arms and legs . This is not to say you can’t have deep tissue massage if you haven’t got issues here. Active individuals including massage therapists are also ideal candidates for deep tissue to restore muscle function and movement after all that hard work.

Every massage results in a good effect after but the Swedish produces a relaxed mood, optimise hormones, promotes secretion swiftly. It will promote accumulation of white blood cells faster and after completion of the massage, the body will produce enough white blood cells to eradicate the immune defects.




This type of massage combines the Swedish massage gentle touch movements with the addition of essential oils. These essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils therefore it is important to take time during consultation in case someone is contraindicated to any of the oils and dilute the essential oil with carrier oils such as almond oil before applying to skin. Studies have shown that aromatherapy massage may have health benefits such as relief from anxiety and depression, stimulation from fatigue or promote an improved, balanced wellbeing .Different essential oils produce different effects ,for example lavender, ylang ylang are good for relaxation while lemon and grapefruit are good for stimulating the body. During the massage, the client inhales the essential oil molecules as well as absorb through the skin.



Lava shell massage is similar to the well known hot stone massage in the sense that a tool is used to imitate the different hand movements of the Swedish/ deep tissue massages with the added advantage of heat infused shells warming the body tissue during massage.

Amazingly lava relax full body massage is one of the newest innovations in massage therapy and you will experience all the other massage techniques mentioned above with the full range of massage benefits and more . …the ultimate luxury.

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