Feel and see the difference


Firstly, it is important to visit a professional skin therapist who can be your trusted guide to investigate what might be causing your acne and treat it effectively. They should start with a thorough Face Mapping skin analysis including relevant questions as part of the consultation. Both the visual analysis of the skin and the answers you give will reveal both internal and external factors contributing to your acne.



Attending regular skin treatments with your therapists. Some skincare ingredients specific to your skin condition are only found in professional range products with higher strength than regular retail products however the retail products are good for continuity of treatment at home. Most PIH can be reduced over time with regular application of exfoliants or ingredients such as Hexylresorcinol , Salicylic acid and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3).


Use professionally recommended products for home care as directed. Overuse or underuse may cause harm or no effect to the skin. For a full range of acne products :

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  2. Browse the website and shop as usual, adding items to your bag
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Acne treatment or any other skin treatment is not just about applying topical products and using some fancy tools, but looking at the lifestyle and where the anxiousness is coming from to treat the stress as well as the skin. We advise taking on other treatments like massages and spa days to help you to distress. Also feel free to open up to your therapist, she may be able to point you in the right direction to deal with your problem.

At home, take time to relax, have long aroma baths , listen to relaxing music, walks, spend time with your friends. Worrying about things is not going to help, it just causes you more breakouts!


All the best for your skin and wellbeing ,

Pamela Sithole x