Feel and see the difference

What treatments are right for me post quarantine?

This is a very good question to ask yourself, as you are probably not sure on which part of the body to focus on first, when re-visiting your therapist. For the first time after several weeks stuck at home, without having your professional therapist helping you with your wellbeing, I’m sure you’re excited to finally come out and get your favourite treatments. You probably would want to make a day of it and have it all in one go which may be tricky as everyone else wants to secure a booking as soon as possible too.

So first, let’s take a look at what’s been happening to your skin and body during the quarantine months of lockdown.

Lack of freedom and touch effect.

It’s been a very stressful time for us all and the fact that we have not been able to get the opportunity to hug our loved ones, brethren, friends, family or work colleagues, has had a negative effect on us all.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, and on an average person if stretched out would measure about two metres in diameter. So not only does it offer a waterproof, self- healing layer to protect our vital internal organs, it is also the pathway for sense of touch, being one of our most powerful and important functions for long-term health and wellbeing. Touch is as very important part of everyday life, as is food and water. It also has great benefits on your state of mind and equally beneficial to you both physically and spiritually. Hugs and gentle touch are actually known to slow the heart rate down and ultimately lower your blood pressure, as well as releasing an oxytocin hormone, often referred to as the “feel good ” or “love hormone”. It is also known to promote growth, speed up the healing process, and lower the stress hormones in the body. This then subsequently dissipates a lot of the anxieties and stresses, that we are all feeling.

To re-introduce that touch effect into our lives, we would recommend booking a massage session with ourselves, this would help to boost alertness, while alleviating some of the symptoms caused by stress, chronic fatigue, and depression.

For some people, working from home has been quite normal, but more importantly, not everyone has a proper upright office chair to sit on to support their back properly. Others have been on their laptops and sitting on sofas, which are fairly comfortable, but not necessarily very good for their posture, and will eventually have a detrimental effect on their backs.

Again a massage would help to relieve all that muscle tension that has built up and help improve your posture. Either the back, neck and shoulder massage or the targeted shoulder, neck and scalp touch therapy would be ideal, so why not try it by taking a plan of 3-6 weeks of treatments, for much better results..
Therapeutic touch is not limited to body massages only, as even a facial touch can help to relax someone and give them that all important feel good factor.

Face mask friction effect.

The new rules implemented now require us all to wear face masks for health and safety reasons, especially in public places whilst social distancing. Wearing a mask for some of us, is not necessarily comfortable, as it can cause irritation to the skin as the mask rubs on your face, especially on those with more delicate or sensitive skin types. I hope you are able to wear them without being too tight on your skin.

Using soothing calming products and applying moisturiser before wearing a mask will help to lubricate the skin and keep it hydrated. I would also recommend that you book yourself in for the Proskin 30 or Proskin 60 with one of our therapists to protect and replenish the skin.

Dermalogica Skin Treatments

Lack of vitamin D effect.

Staying indoors without any exposure to the sun and having most of your face covered by masks when outdoors, may cause you to develop a deficiency in vitamin D, which is vital in maintaining bone health and aids in improving your body’s absorption of calcium. According to the Healthline, large observational studies have found a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and chronic lower back pain, along with attributes like depression, inflammation control and the body’s ability to fight infection . A study was conducted on over 9000 women, and they found that those with a deficiency in vitamin D were more likely to have back pain, including severe back pain that limited their lifestyles and daily activities. People with vitamin D deficiency were nearly twice as likely to experience some form of bone pain in their legs, ribs or joints, compared to those showing adequate amounts or levels in their blood. It would be a good idea to take advantage of the summer months now and enjoy the sun as much as you can, knowing that it’s going to do a lot of good for your health, but of course don’t forget to apply your SPF. Taking vitamin D supplements is also advisable, for those with naturally low levels of vitamin D.

Stress and Lack of Enthusiasm effect.

Feedback from therapists who have already opened their doors for treatments in other countries like the USA are saying that acne has been a common concern from most of their adult clients, since the lock down was lifted. Areas more affected on the skin include the jaw line and neck area. This is naturally induced by stress and a lack of vitamin D, which tends to put most people in a more depressed state of mind and can increase cases of inflammation and PIH(Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentaton) on the skin. As most salons have been closed for months now, looking after the skin has not been a priority for most, as people have been focussing more on basic essentials like toilet paper and food. So your skin may have grown dull, dry or showing signs of ageing. We are recommending that you go back to or try one of the skin peels, like the Pro Power Peel, which is a powerful chemical peel, but not an aggressive treatment for your skin, to help you bring back that former glow and healthy looking skin.

Home remedies effect.

Some people have been resorting to home remedies which sound wonderful, and I for one love them, but they tend to contain strong active ingredients and if overused in large amounts, can really affect the skin’s natural barrier function, causing the skin to be very sensitive and extra dry. Your therapist can do a map analysis during your consultation and devise the best treatment, that would be suitable for you. Even if you have very sensitive skin, we have the specialist knowledge and expertise to advise you, on which of our many products, would be the most beneficial, to restore your skin’s natural barrier. Ideally the 10 minute Skinsolver treatment, would be the best starting point in assessing your skin’s condition.

I hope this helps, and don’t forget your “me time”, so start getting out there, book for a manicure, pedicure or sort out those eyebrows and legs, and remember it is all still necessary for your complete wellbeing. Come on, get booking!

Looking forward to seeing you again.

All the best with your skin and wellbeing.

Pamela Sithole x